Adadi Mariam Church

Adadi Mariam Church is and old cavernous church located 73km away from Addis Ababa. The church is famed for its unique earth and rock hewan in an underground cavern. It lies in the ground with steps descending to the main entrances. The church has 10 gates and 14 small windows to let sunlight in. Adadi Mariam is a great attraction for tourists interested in historical wonders and religion tourism.

Tiya Stelae

Tiya is a UNSECO world heritage site. In the small town of Tiya there are 36 ancients stelae of obelisks, of which 34 are carved with symbols of women, swords etc. These stelae are remains of an ancient Ethiopia culture, whose age has not yet been precisely determined (the tallest one stand at 3.7 meters).


Awash Melka Qunture

The town of Awash Meka Qunture is famous for it's archeological sites. It is situated 50 km south west of Addis Ababa. As you cross the bridge at the south end of the town you get a good glimpse of Awash river water fall striking the basalt at the base of a deep gorge and the smoke of its spray. After crossing the river there is an enclosure containing a collection of prehistoric physical remains. The main excavation in the site included fossilized animal bone and stone age pebble tools used by ancient man (estimated at about two million year back) are exhibited in min museums in the enclosure.

Selassie Rock Church

Located 12km from Negash Resort, Selassie Rock Church is an ancient church carved into the beautiful mountains of the Chitu. Although the exact age of the church is not known its amazing and historical significance is obvious. The priests at Selassie Rock Church welcome their guests with the wonderous stories they have to offer.

Wonchi Crater Lake

Wonchi Crater Lake is found 35km west of Wollisso. When you arrive at the Crater Lake you will be totally over-taken by the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the freshness of the air. Wonchi Lake is 560 hectares wide. The lake's depth ranges from 9 to 67.8 meters. The lake is located on the plateau, which is 3,386 meter high above see level. It is partially surrounded by forest. On the mountain, you can find monkeys, apes and gazelles. The other attraction around the lake are the natural hot spring. Southwest of the lake, one can find several lukewarm springs. There are two island in the lake. In one of the island there is an ancient church called Cherkos monastery. You can navigate to the monasteries on ferries. You can hire horses to go down the mountain to the lake. It takes you about one hour and half to reach the lake.

Menagesha Forest

Menagesh Forest is located about 45km from Addis Ababa in a small town called Megagesha. The total area of the forest is about 2,500 hectares and its composition represent the natural high forests that once existed in Ethiopia The oldest tree of Juniperus procera is estimated to be over 200 years old and six other tree species are moving high forests. While Erica Arborea and Helichrysum represent vegetation of the above 3,000m (high attitude). Menagesha also boasts a number of bird and mammal species including the Minilik Bush back who took refuge in the forest enclave. The majestic beauty of the Mogli peak and surrounding scenery makes Menagesha forest an ideal place for nature lovers, hikers, trekkers, sight seers, forest explorers, scenery admirers and so forth.

Dendi Lake

Dendi Crater Lake is located 128km west of Addis Ababa. The lake has a figure eight shape and has extraordinary land structures and contour around it. The vast surrounding landscape encompasses both stunning flat and green lands. Dendi being a crater lake, is surrounded by large and spectacular mountains in all directs. It is one of Ethiopia's undiscovered treasures and can only be described as absolutely breathtaking.


The palace of the Fetawrari Haptegiorgis, defense minister of Ethiopia in the 1920's at the time of Emperor Menilik's reign. It was built in 1902 and is found on the shores of lake Dendi.

Saint Mary Church

A Saint Mary Church built by Fetawrari Haptegiorgis (defense minister of Ethiopia in the 1920's) in 1902 and is situated on the shores of Dendi lake.