About US

Negash Resort is located in the south west of Ethiopia in a place called Wollisso found in the Oromia region. It is situated 114 kilometers away from the capital city Addis Ababa. The lodge was first built in the 1930’s and was used as a holiday home by the late emperor Haile Selassie, because of its astounding natural hot springs, which many believe, has healing powers. It is built on vast land approximately 90,000sq.m and incorporates vast forestry, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and various wildlife. In the late 1940’s, the Resort was Ethiopia’s biggest honeymoon destinations. The unique landscape and excellent service make Negash Resort the most desired experience in Ethiopia. It is a place of traditional elegant surroundings, and an ambience that bestows peace and tranquility within oneself. The compound is filled with many different varieties of trees, hundreds of bird species and wildlife creating a sense of peace and relaxation in this spectacular natural environment.